Laws of Life That Everyone Should Bear In Mind

There are rules and laws in life, so true and correct, that enable us to understand the meaning of our actions or handle difficult and seemingly hopeless situations.

  1. The law of similarity

There are no random meetings in our lives. We unconsciously attract to ourselves only those people who are just like us.

  1. The law of the balance beam

When you crave something but can’t get it, try to find another interest that is equal in its power to the first one.

  1. The Bob law

When Bob has a problem with everybody, Bob is usually the problem.

  1. The law of suppression

The thoughts or actions you’re trying to suppress or deny in your mind may come out at the most inappropriate time. It’s important to accept your inner self and not to keep your feelings and emotions buried deep inside you.

  1. The law of the barrier

You should always take a decision to overcome a barrier as a conditional obstacle so as not to miss your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After that inner decision, you will be ready to take on new challenges and opportunities.

  1. The law of payment

You have to pay for everything: for your actions and inaction. You decide what will cost more! And note that avoiding failures doesn’t make you happy.

  1. The law of doors

Our life consists of various and endless numbers of choices. You always have a choice. Our choice can be not to make any choice at all. It’s not always easy to make the right decision. By entering one door we miss another door. However, losses may also bring you an acquisition.

  1. The law of attraction

We usually attract to ourselves the things that are in our central focused consciousness — what we constantly think about, fear, or like. Life gives us what we unconsciously expect to get from it, not what we want.

  1. The law of narrowness #1

It’s impossible to foresee everything. There are accidents that happen against our will. They cannot be predicted, and we cannot be responsible for them.

  1. The law of narrowness #2

You can’t have everything. You’ll constantly be in need of something. The secret of happiness lies in the ability to be content with what you have.

  1. The law of regularity

A thing that happens once can be considered an accident. If it happens twice, it is a coincidence. But when it happens for the third time, it is regularity.

  1. The law of changes

If you want changes in your life, you should take control over the circumstances in your hands. You can’t change your life by waiting passively for fate to do the work you could be doing yourself. That won’t happen! If you don’t set off, you will never arrive at your destination point.

  1. The law of taxis

The farther you are taken by the taxi driver, the more you’ll have to pay. If you haven’t ordered the route, you may arrive anywhere. The more you go in the wrong direction, the more difficult it will be to come back.

  1. The law of thinking

Our outer world is the embodiment of our inner thoughts. You shouldn’t look for reasons for failures in the outer world — just try looking inside.

  1. The law of halfway

In a relationship with another person, your zone is halfway. If you go further and the other person won’t even make a move, it means he doesn’t really care about his personal development. So what’s the point in making him change?!

  1. The law of harmony

Humans look for harmony everywhere. You can achieve absolute harmony with the world only when you are in harmony with yourself. A good attitude to yourself and self-acceptance are the keys to harmony with the world as a whole.

  1. The law of mirrors

If something annoys you in others, it means you have it in yourself. The things that you don’t want to hear from others are the most important things on that particular stage of life. The other person can serve as a mirror for you to show something that you don’t see or don’t want to notice about yourself.


  1. The law of chain reactions

If you let your negative feelings and moods take control over you, one unpleasant feeling will follow another. If you live constantly dreaming about something, the real world will be replaced by the world of fantasy. It’s often hard to stop the flow of our negative or unproductive thoughts, so we develop a habit of worrying, suffering, and dreaming. This can become a habit of escaping from problem-solving.

  1. The law of your personality evaluation

Others almost always evaluate you just as you evaluate yourself. So it’s pointless to try to be perfect and win the admiration of everyone if you don’t even appreciate yourself.

  1. The law of the meaning of life

We come from nowhere, try to learn the meaning of life, and then we go nowhere again. Each person has his own meaning of life that changes at different stages of life. And if it constantly changes due to time and ongoing events, maybe we should state that the most important meaning of life is life itself?!

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