At times I think my husband thinks my “expectations” of him are PAGES long… and it may seem that way to a lot of men {after all, we are women and we can be picky and moody and it’s totally fine and normal} but today I have broken it down to the TOP 10 SIMPLE things that are most important to a woman. These are things your wife needs from her better half… the man by her side…her sugar daddy…. her arm candy….her sweetheart… yes, these are things she needs from YOU.

  1. SUPPORT:When you put that ring on her finger, you immediately became a team. Your goals, dreams and wishes all of the sudden become BOTH of your goals, dreams and wishes. Support her and give her strength. Let her know you are proud of her and believe in her. This also means to help her achieve her goals. Be there for her when she has a hard day. Be that shoulder to cry on and those wings to make her fly.
  2. COMPLIMENTS: Even if you think she already knows that she is pretty – TELL HER. Even if you think she already knows that she looks amazing in her new outfit – TELL HER. Even if she doesn’t have time to get ready and looks like a hot mess when you get home from work – TELL HER she still looks amazing to you. Women LOVE, no not just love, they NEED to hear things like this. We are always comparing our bodies, hair, nails and clothes with other women around us. It is always nice to hear from the man of our dreams how good we look! As her husband, you have the opportunity to make her confidence boost 100%.
  3. RECOGNITION: Every woman likes to hear that you recognize everything she has done. Say thank you when she cleans the house or puts your clothes away. Tell her what a great job she did at work or what a fun mom she is for your children. Let her know that you notice all of the little {and big} things that she does.
  4. A LISTENER: Bad days will come – so let me tell you a little secret about ladies. Sometimes they just want to TALK! They just want to tell you all about their day and the drama and the crazy things that happened. Sit there and listen. Let them vent. Often times my husband will come home and I will talk for 30 minutes and then I stop and say, “So. How are you?” and he looks at me and smiles. That is when I realize that I talked WAY too much. But listen. And don’t only listen with your ears – listen with your whole body. Show her you are interested in what she is saying by not being on your phone or watching a basketball game.Disconnect from the electronicsand be a listening ear. She will LOVE it.
  5. TO BE A PRIORITY: We completely understand that you are human and you are a man with a LOT on your plate. But we also like to be on the top of your list of “importance.” Things will come up, work meetings will happen, games will be on – and that is TOTALLY fine, but make sure she knows that nothing is more important than her.


  1. COMMUNICATION: You know how I said that often times ladies just like to talk?! We also like when you talk back. Ask your wife questions and what her opinion on things are. And when she asks you questions and asks for your opinion, be open and have a discussion.Communication is key in a successful marriage. Don’t keep secrets from each other. And always be honest.
  2. A HOT DATE: Your relationship with your spouse probably began as friends and then she probably became your girlfriend and then she became your fiancé and now she is your wife – correct? {Or in my case, you began as enemies and then became friends… but that is another story.} At any rate – throughout the process of building your relationship to marriage, DATING probably played a big part in your lives. Well men, once you tie the knot,dating doesn’t end. Your wife would LOVE for you to take her out to a nice dinner. She would LOVE for you to take her to a fun activity. You can check out a few other articles about dating for every budget and how to date your spouse here.
  3. A BEST FRIEND: We ALL want a best friend – men and women! That person you can tell EVERYTHING to. That person you can laugh until you cry with. That person you can call just to say hi. That person you can rely on. That person that will always make you feel better. So BE that for her.
  4. AN EXAMPLE: You always want to marry someone that brings out the very best in you. A person that makes you become better, stronger and happier. Believe it or not, us women look up to YOU – the men of our households. We notice the way you live, the way you treat our children, the way you work hard, the way you pray, the way you spend your free time {if you ever have any!}. Always do what is right and help lead your family on the right path to happiness in this life.
  5. LOVE:Last, but probably the most important thing your wife needs from you is LOVE. She needs to hear it. She needs to see it. She needs to feel it. Saying the words “I love you” is so important and taking it a step further by SHOWING it is even better.

I think your wife wants you to know that you are doing a GREAT job, gentlemen! If you are trying your best, give yourself a pat on the back! I know I could not live without my husband and I am willing to bet your wife feels the same. You men are our rocks! You mean the world to us! Thank you for being YOU and being our supporters, lovers and friends.

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