Why is Marriage on the Decline


       Today. In many contemporary societies, marriage seem to be losing social status and popular respect of marriage seem to be dwindling.

According to report, 53% of women aged 18 and above are single. The reason why they should be married has faded and this can be attributed to some of the reasons stated


  More Career Women.

The number of women folk in the workforce is growing and indirectly larger than men. More of the management position are now been occupied by the women.





 Men are threatened by successful women   

Men tend to feel inferior when women earn more income and this has contributed to about 35% of the decline in marriage rate.





                                                                 Cost and benefit of marriage         

The benefit of marriage is numerous nevertheless this benefit don’t come for free, marriage entails hard work and understanding. It means bearing one another’s debt burden and desires which translated into emotional and financial cost.

Data around the world have shown clearly that more people are seeing marriage as a lesser benefit.




Education vs. marriage

More women are choosing their education over getting married. Choosing a career instead of been a complete housewife as a result of the cost implication of marriage.

In some relationship, the woman being the career person pays the bills while the man stays at home and takes care of the children.

                                                         Such situation project fear and uncertainties to younger women intending to get married.   


Not ready to settle down

Many millennial are not ready to settle down into a marriage because they don’t want to be tied down to just one person.





Past relationship experience

Past physical and verbal abuses tend to keep the subject of marriage away for most women. This traumatic experience which most times leads to depression if not properly manage tends to get them embittered towards the institution of marriage.





More couples prefer to live together informally known as cohabiting

The percentage of people living with their partners instead of getting married has risen over time and this trend has drastically influence the drop in marriage rates.

Marriage has lost its allure but remain a desired milestone for about 60% of millennial who like to get married.







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